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Research Article

South African migrants in Australia: an overview

Romy Wasserman

South Australian Geographical Journal , ISSUE 1, 17–28


‘White queens’ and ‘Nubian fiends’: Early Italian American fiction and the problem of colonialism

, directed at both fellow migrants and host community: It is not at all inconceivable that the rhetoric of Italian civilizing missions in Africa ameliorated immigrant self-consciousness, as well as informed a concerted effort to impress American detractors who questioned the racial suitability of Italians. (Vellon 2014, p. 47) In this atmosphere, the 1896 battle of Adwa, where the Ethiopian army defeated the Italian troops and halted the conquest of the region for decades, catalysed much of the

Andrea Ciribuco

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 39–63


What the eye does not see: visualizations strategies for the data collection of personal networks

from the respondents that in itself could lead to potential problems with validity and reliability, especially when networks are too big and respondents purposely obliterate data, due to tiredness and boredom (Eddens and Fagan, 2018). This study In this paper, we explore four contributions related to the use of network visualization in the context of data collection, based on our study on a group of highly skilled migrants living in Spain (n = 95). First, we explore a procedure in which network

Isidro Maya-Jariego, Romina Cachia

Connections: The Quarterly Journal , ISSUE 1, 1–18

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