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Short Communication | 30-March-2017

Use of Amplification Fragment Length Polymorphism to Genotype Pseudomonas stutzeri Strains Following Exposure to Ultraviolet Light A

Changes in ultraviolet light radiation can act as a selective force on the genetic and physiological traits of a microbial community. Two strains of the common soil bacterium Pseudomonas stutzeri, isolated from aquifer cores and from human spinal fluid were exposed to ultraviolet light. Amplification length polymorphism analysis (AFLP) was used to genotype this bacterial species and evaluate the effect of UVA-exposure on genomic DNA extracted from 18 survival colonies of the two strains

Lisa Lombardi, Marina Zoppo, Cosmeri Rizzato, Colin Gerard Egan, Roberto Scarpato, Arianna Tavanti

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 66 , ISSUE 1, 107–111

short-communication | 30-November-2018

Comparison of Performance Characteristics of DxN VERIS System versus Qiagen PCR for HBV Genotype D and HCV Genotype 1b Quantification

striking differences in the amount final product. These reasons indicate the necessity of inventing fully standardized, reproducible and sensitive new assays for monitoring of HBV and HCV infections. The aim of the study was to compare the analytical performance of random access testing (Beckman Coulter DxN VERIS) with routine diagnostic PCR kit (artus Qiagen). A total of 67 chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients with genotype D and 44 chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients infected with genotype 1b from


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 68 , ISSUE 1, 139–143

research-article | 23-April-2019

Fusarium wilt of cotton may commonly result from the interaction of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum with Belonolaimus longicaudatus

manufacturer’s instructions. A 24 μl sample of 40–68 ng/µl of PCR product and 12 μl of each 3 μM primer were sent to Quintara Biosciences (2600 Hilltop Dr, Building B, R332, Richmond, CA) for sequencing. Sequences were manually checked and aligned with known Fov sequences from GenBank database and private database to identify race or genotype. For 2016 samples, Fov was isolated by washing cotton stems in soapy water, then surface sanitizing for 1 min in 95% ethanol, 2 min in sodium hypochlorite solution and

Mychele B. da Silva, Richard F. Davis, Hung K. Doan, Robert L. Nichols, Robert C. Kemerait, Hannah C. Halpern, Marin T. Brewer, Ganpati Jagdale, Peng W. Chee

Journal of Nematology, Volume 51 , 1–10

Article | 08-April-2018

Analysis and Study the Correlation of Genetic Loci

numerical language, and finally got the image of the corresponding computing program operation and results. By carrying out statistical analysis and inspection for results, the score genotype data are more reasonable and accurate to explain theoretically the rationality of the discovered disease locus and gene.

Liu Yang1,, Bai Xiaojun2, Kang Xiaofeng3

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 1 , ISSUE 2, 118–124

Research Article | 26-September-2018

Oat, Wheat, and Sorghum Genotype Reactions to Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne javanica


Journal of Nematology, Volume 49 , ISSUE 4, 386–389

Article | 21-July-2017

Reproduction and Damage Potential of Five Geographical Ditylenchus africanus Populations on Peanut

. africanus geographic populations from five different areas in the peanut production area of South Africa and to assess whether PC254K1 is resistant to all five D. africanus populations. Reproduction of the D. africanus populations was evaluated on peanut callus in growth cabinets at 218C, 288C, and 358C. The peanut cv. Sellie was included in the study as the D. africanus-susceptible reference genotype in the greenhouse and microplots. Reproduction potential of all five of the D


Journal of Nematology, Volume 48 , ISSUE 2, 72–78

Research paper | 31-July-2017

Analysis of methionine synthase (rs1805087) gene polymorphism in autism patients in Northern Iran

this study was to analyze the association of MTR A2756G gene polymorphism (rs1805087) and the risk of autism in a population in northern Iran. The prevalence of MTR A2756G polymorphism was determined in 108 children with autism and 130 controls in northern Iran. Genotypes and allele frequencies were determined in patients and controls by polymerase chain reaction‑restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR‑RFLP). The prevalence of genotype frequencies of AA, AG and GG in autistic children were

Rosa Haghiri, Farhad Mashayekhi, Elham Bidabadi, Zivar Salehi

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 76 , ISSUE 4, 318–323

original-paper | 30-November-2017

Interferon Gamma Release Assays in Patients with Respiratory Isolates of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria – a Preliminary Study

centrifuged at 3000 × g for 15 min. The pellet was suspended in 2 ml of phosphate buffer. The strains were cultured on solid media: egg-based L-J medium, Stonebrink medium and in automated system MGIT (Becton Dickinson) (Klatt et al. 2015). Identification of culture was performed using the niacin test and a molecular method GenoType CM test (Hain Lifescience). The GenoType CM test, using the DNA-STRIP method allowed the identification of M. tuberculosis complex strains and 14 clinically relevant NTM


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 68 , ISSUE 1, 1–5

Original Paper | 28-December-2016

Genotyping and Clinicoepidemiological Characterization of Rotavirus Acute Gastroenteritis in Egyptian Children

and emergence of G9 RVA highlight the need to apply vaccines against this genotype in Egypt.

Niveen Saudy, Walaa Othman Elshabrawy, Ahmed Megahed, Mona F. Foad, Aly F. Mohamed

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 65 , ISSUE 4, 433–442

Original Paper | 04-December-2017

Study of Patterns and Markers of Human Immune Deficiency Virus -1 (HIV-1) Progression and Unemployment Rate among Patients from Alexandria, Egypt

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) new HIV cases show the highest increase among all regions in the world. Even though Egypt has a low prevalence among the general population (< 0.02%), a national HIV epidemic occurs in certain population risk groups. The current study was conducted to asses clinical and immunological disease progression; following up viral load (VL) and detecting delta-32 CCR5 genotype polymorphism in selected cases, determining unemployment rate and identify predictors of

Faika M. Ghoneim, May M. Raouf, Noha S. Elshaer, Sarah M. Abdelhamid, Reem A. Noor Eldeen

Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 66 , ISSUE 4, 519–527

Research Article | 03-December-2018

Broad-based root-knot nematode resistance identified in cowpea gene-pool two

%). Resistant genotypes had more effective resistance than the Rk-based resistance in cowpea genotype CB46 against Mj and Mi. Root-galling was correlated across isolates (Avr-Mi/Mj: r = 0.72; Mi/Mj: r = 0.98), and RG was correlated with EM (r = 0.60), indicating resistance to RG and EM is under control by the same genetic factors. These new sources of resistance identified in cowpea gene-pool two provide valuable target traits for breeders to improve cowpea production on RKN-infested fields.

Arsenio D. Ndeve, William C. Matthews, Jansen R. P. Santos, Bao Lam Huynh, Philip A. Roberts

Journal of Nematology, Volume 50 , ISSUE 4, 545–558

Review Paper | 07-April-2017

Genetic epilepsies. remarks on the proposed “organization of the Epilepsies”

, electroclinical syndromes and their genetics and genetic testing in the epilepsies. Methods. The updated review is based on OMIM™ (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man). Review and remarks. Because of the vast genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity, bridging genotype and phenotype remains a major challenge in epilepsy genetics. The so-called “idiopathic” epilepsies are genetically determined. The new ILAE proposal on the “organization” of the epilepsies takes into account the

Heinz Gregor Wieser

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 22 , ISSUE 1, 11–23

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