Exeley Inc. is a New York based, newly incorporated company focused on offering innovative publishing services to Open Access publications worldwide. Our mission is to provide societies with the best solution to make their publications visible in their global community and to ensure the highest possible visibility among their potential audience.

Our offer consists of four packages based on your specific needs: Marketing Extra, Editorial Services, Editorial Systems and Commerce Systems. These four packages are enhancements for our platform, called “Exeley Core Package”.

Exeley Core Package provides powerful functionalities that your journals will benefit from:

1) Publishing Features:

  • ALLOCATION OF DOI NUMBERS – Exeley is a partner of CrossRef, a not-for-profit Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration agency that registers DOIs for its members. A DOI number is a unique string created to identify a piece of scholarly content in the online environment. The number serves as a stable, persistent link to the full-text version of an article located on the Internet, thereby ensuring its uninterrupted visibility and helping to drive traffic to the content by making it discoverable for linking.


  • LIVE REFERENCE LINKS – In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to get immediate access to a full-text document from a citation list becomes increasingly important. For readers and researchers alike, accurate reference linking is currently one of the most important features of online publishing, enabling them to browse the published data in a fast and efficient way.  Exeley offers extensive linking services from material published on its platform to the cited data via the CrossRef linking system. Exeley harvests DOIs maintained by CrossRef and connects them to the article, enabling readers to immediately connect to the document that has been cited.  The established links lead to other cited papers on, abstracting and indexing services, as well as other publishers’ websites. 

Working with a range of input formats, our advanced technology will link your papers to all of the possible resources, putting your journals at the forefront of scientific online publishing.

  • FULL-TEXT XML – XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a format used to encode documents in a way which is both human-readable and machine-readable, as opposed to traditional PDFs that are only human-readable. The usage of the XML based system in the process of online publication is especially significant when it comes to abstracting and indexing services that rely on metadata exported in that format.

At Exeley, we strongly believe that content should be freely available to anyone interested, without additional restrictions such as a need to download the full-text version of an article separately. As a result we provide a full-text XML service that offers maximum freedom to the readers ,who can now can read any paper directly on their preferred devices.

  • EXTRA FILES – Enhance your article with dynamic supplementary files and information. From videos and images, to sound files and power point presentations, you can create an interactive experience for your readers. Publishing plain text is a long-gone practice of the past. Now you can create comprehesive content by uploading additional files in the following formats:.doc; .docx; .txt; .xls; .xlsx; .jpg; .jpeg; .png; .ppt; .mp3; .mp4; .wav; .3gp; .pdf; .zip.
  • GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT – Exeley assists in the creation of graphical abstracts and highly encourages each journal to take advantage of this option. A graphical abstract is a single image that plays the role of a visual summary of the main findings and gives the readers an immediate understanding of the key points of the article. A graphical abstract encourages browsing, helps other scholars to identify which papers are most relevant to their research, boosts citability and is a great promotional tool for sharing in social media sites.
  • EXPORT CITATION – The platform provides citation data in the three most common referencing styles.  Additionally, the source files can be easily uploaded into the most popular bibliographic management tools, ensuring the correct citation of the published papers.
  • TOP 5 ARTICLES – Are you interested in finding out which articles made the biggest impact and are most viewed by readers? Click on the articles list available on the left side of the issue page.


2) Statistics And Performance Metrics:

  • ARTICLE METRICS – Exeley provides societies with a broad range of various metrics and statistical data to allow you to check the performance of your journals. The metrics are divided into three groups: Real Time Stats, PlumX and Social Media. This button can be found on each individual article page above the article title.

- Real Time Stats - give an overview of visits and page views, the average time a reader spends on an article page and the origin of visitors according to their country, and other geographical details.

- PlumX - is the altmetrics tracking product provided by Plum Analytics in collaboration with EBSCO. PlumX records all scientific output, regardless of its form, and divides it into five categories: usage, mentions, captures, social media and citations. The data goes beyond measuring the statistics for downloaded articles, and also reports on blog and media posts, datasets, letters, interviews, and webpages. PlumX collects information on clicks, likes, comments, views, downloads, citation indexes and much more, unifying the information in the form of a colorful widget.


- Social Media – every time an article is mentioned in social media sites, the tracker gathers data on the post, giving you an overview of their impact in social media sites.


  • ALERTING – Create a free account in order to receive automatic notifications about newly published articles directly into your inbox.


3) Interactivity and Flexibility:

  • RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN – at Exeley, we know that data accessibility and smooth navigation of content are very important. Our platform provides your titles with responsive web design that enables researchers to read the content on the go on any smartphone or tablet, and benefit from fast and easy web browsing. Our technology adjusts automatically, optimizing the look and performance of the website so that content is optimized for viewing on your preferred device. Statistics show that readers prefer websites that are easy to navigate. It is therefore crucial that your journal’s website is easy to navigate and responsive to users.
  • CONTENT SHARING - Our platform allows your editors, authors and readers to share articles with their friends and fellow researchers:

- Social Media Integration – social media is an effective means of communication and key to marketing and visibility of your journal as it connects your content with their audience on a daily basis. The “share” link at the top of the page of each article links directly with the most popular social media sites, helping to inform new and existing readers about your content.

- Email – this option is available at the top of the article and allows the user to share the article content directly with their friends and colleagues via email.


4) Additional Services:

The Exeley Publishing Platform enhances the user experience for both readers and publishers by focusing on increasing the visibility of your journals, providing a flexible approach to webpage navigation, and enabling interactions between readers, authors, and editors with the use of an integrated discussion panel and social media connections.

In conjunction with the Core publishing package, the enhancement packages offer additional capabilities for your publishing needs:

Marketing Extra - promotes your single articles and encourages potential authors to submit articles.

Editorial Systems Package - offers an online submission system called Editorial Manager, and online production tracking system called ProduXion Manager.

Editorial Services Package - covers copy editing, proofreading, and typesetting services.

Author-Pays Systems  - ideal for journals that collect Article Processing Charges.


Pricing plans are customized. To find out more, please contact us and request your quote.