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As a reader, you may benefit from the following powerful tools that our platform provides:

  • ALERTING – Create a free account in order to receive automatic notifications about newly published articles directly into your email box.
  • ADVANCED SEARCH – Allows you to browse the content in a fast and efficient way. To use this function go to the archive of selected journal and use one of the available options:

- Search Within Content / Find Article - located on the left, just above the list of articles – you can either use the search box and directly input what kind of article you are looking for or specify in which volume and issue it is located.

- Sort By - sort articles within an issue according to their type, category, or page number.

  • LIVE REFERENCE LINKS – In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to get immediate access to a full-text document from a citation list becomes increasingly important. Exeley offers extensive linking service from material published on its platform to the cited data through participation in the CrossRef linking system and allocation of Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers.


CrossRef maintains DOIs of published articles as deposited by publishers, and creates persistent links to the published items. Exeley harvests those DOIs and connects them to the article, enabling readers to get ito the document that has been cited instantly.  The established links lead to other cited papers on, abstracting and indexing services, as well as other publishers’ websites. 

Using Reference Linking – to view a reference list, click on the “References And Cited By” tab on the page of the selected article. To go to a source text of the selected reference, click on the link displayed in the brackets directly below the citation.

  • EXPORT CITATION – If you would like to cite an article, click the “Export Citation” button at the top of the article page. The platform will provide you with citation data in the three most common referencing styles, as well as source files that can be easily uploaded into the most popular bibliographic management tools.
  • RELATED ARTICLES – Interested in articles dedicated to a similar subject area? Click on the related article list available on the left side of the article page, and discover what else has been published on
  • RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN – At Exeley, we know that data accessibility and smooth navigation of content are very important. Our platform provides you with responsive web design so that you can read the content on the go, on any smartphone or tablet, and benefit from fas and easy web browsing. Our technology adjusts automatically, optimizing the look and performance of the website, so you can view the optimized content on your preferred device.
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- Social Media Integration – click on the “share” button under the “comments” tab or at the top of the page of your selected article in order to connect with the most popular social media sites.


- Email – do you prefer to send a personalized message directly to your friend’s email box? Chose the “email” option available at the top of the article page.

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