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23-August-2016 ,  Press Room - Sample of Science

We are pleased to announce that JournalTOCs has added the journal into their database.

We are pleased to announce that Sample of Science has started the collaboration with the Freie Universität Berlin !

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18-July-2016 ,  Press Room - Sample of Science

The agreement allows the researchers to test their findings in direct contact with the users, whereas the scientists working at Freie Universität will benefit from the innovatory solutions and help to shape the platform through their feedback.

"The EU Member seeds have jointly determined that all research in the EU publicly funded will be accessible by 2020", lifted Felix Evert, co-founder and CEO of Sample of Science forth. "The publication of material samples and their uncomplicated availability for subsequent experiments are effective tools for researchers in the transition of European science on Open Science."

Find out more HERE.

Sample of Science on Exeley’s platform

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01-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Sample of Science

Sample of Science is a scholarly publication platform that allows researchers to publish and share scientific samples in physics, chemistry and the material sciences. It is widely known amongst scholarly community for connecting academic and industrial individuals that need samples for their experiments.

Sample of Science joined Exeley in order to provide an enhanced service and offer researchers even more advanced technological solutions. Exeley will take care of allocation of DOI numbers, metadata and content distribution and will bring a number of additional solutions scientists will be able to benefit from: alerting service, live links, social media integration and performance metrics.