WanFang Data

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Exeley is proud to inform about the collaboration with WanFang Data, an affiliate of the Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology, the leading Chinese data provider of scientific, academic and bu(..)

ReadCube partnership

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with ReadCube! ReadCube develops innovative tools to make the world of research more accessible and connected – serving researchers, publishers, a(..)

Popular fungi used as an ecological decomposition alternative

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DJTU-sh7 strain from Myrothecium verrucaria fungi as an effective and eco-friendly treatment method for utilization of various colouring agents. S(..)

Open Access / Hybrid Access
OPEN ACCESS OPEN ACCESS FINANCING HYBRID ACCESS HYBRID ACCESS FINANCING   OPEN ACCESS Open Access publishing is about providing free content to readers, making your work immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide. We believe that your journals are differentiated not only by the subject matter and quality of published works(..)