Iodinated contrast-induced sialadenitis: a review of the literature and sonographic findings in a clinical case


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Journal of Ultrasonography

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Subject: Medicine


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Iodinated contrast-induced sialadenitis: a review of the literature and sonographic findings in a clinical case

Antonio Lucarelli * / Simone Perandini / Alessandro Borsato / Endrit Strazimiri / Stefania Montemezzi

Keywords : iodine, mumps, contrast media, ultrasound imaging

Citation Information : Journal of Ultrasonography. Volume 18, Issue 75, Pages 359-364, DOI:

License : (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Received Date : 11-April-2018 / Accepted: 13-July-2018 / Published Online: 31-January-2019



Graphical ABSTRACT

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Fig. 1.

Submandibular swelling the day after the onset

Fig. 2.

Ultrasound images of the submandibular glands, showing internal hypoechoic tubular structures without any appearance of sialoliths

Fig. 3.

Doppler images of the submandibular glands revealing parenchyma hypervascularity, which is more prominent in the central region of the glands

Fig. 4.

Appearance of the neck after 7 days from the onset


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