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Journal of Blood Group Serology and Molecular Genetics

American National Red Cross

Number of Issues : 4

Subject: Medical Laboratory Technology

ISSN: 0894-203X
eISSN: 1930-3955


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As a highly respected journal with an international readership, Immunohematology, Journal of Blood Group Serology and Molecular Genetics is subscription-based and peer-reviewed. It brings together research and clinical practice from well-known experts in the field of blood group serology and molecular immunogenetics.

Immunohematology, Journal of Blood Group Serology and Molecular Genetics is published four times a year by American National Red Cross. The journal publishes case reports, original articles, new blood group allele reports, and review articles covering the spectrum of clinical and laboratory practice and research in the field of laboratory medicine.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted for publication in Immunohematology, Journal of Blood Group Serology and Molecular Genetics are peer reviewed by selected experts in the medical and technical field of transfusion medicine and/or immunohematology. Each peer reviewer assesses the manuscript for the novelty of the information, the quality and completeness of the provided scientific and clinical data, the quality and appropriateness of the tables and figures, the overall clarity of presentation of the information, and the interest of this topic to the readers of this journal. In addition, each reviewer determines if additional statistical review is needed and if the references are current and appropriate.

Peer reviewers provide a final assessment to accept the manuscript outright, reject the manuscript outright, or revise the manuscript. If revision is determined, the peer reviewer provides specific comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscript. The reviewers’ comments are compiled and reviewed by the medical editor assigned to oversee the specific manuscript who adds his/her comments.  All comments are then sent to the authors for reply and revision, if applicable. 

The authors’ reply and revised manuscript is reviewed by the overseeing medical editor and acceptance/rejection of the manuscript is determined. 

Confidentiality of all peer reviewers is respected.


With a focus on better patient outcomes through shared expertise and designed for physicians and laboratory professionals in the areas of blood banking and transfusion medicine, SUCCESS® is a comprehensive suite of educational resources comprised of online instruction, industry publications, and learning events. In support of SUCCESS®, the American National Red Cross publishes Immunohematology, Journal of Blood Group Serology and Molecular Genetics on a quarterly basis with a focus on original research, invited reviews, case reports, and new allele publications.



To submit a manuscript, please see Instructions for Authors and Instructions for Authors (Alleles).






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