COPYEDITING - manuscripts are checked for grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation issues and any mistakes or inconsistencies. Text is edited according to journal specific style, including abbreviations, citation style or any other details that characterize journal’ typescript appearance.

PROOFREADING – reading of the final draft of manuscript after it has been edited, to detect and mark any errors that appear during article production process, such as: spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, typos and incorrect use of English.

TYPESETTING – manuscript composition according to journal’s specific layout and style. Texts and images are carefully arranged in preparation for publishing; process involves application of paragraph and character styles, inclusion of logotypes and uniform values to text (such as: fonts, size, color, alignment, etc.). Journal receives the print-ready PDF file, prepared for online publication.

FULL-TEXT XML CONVERSION - Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a format used to encode documents in a way which is both human-readable and machine-readable. The modern online publishing systems, where timely and consistent data delivery and information sharing is essential, are based on XML. Conversion to XML is especially significant when it comes to abstracting and indexing services that rely on automatic XML metadata import from publishers’ websites. Exeley Inc. makes metadata of all articles published available in XML format, ensuring their smooth indexation. Exeley also provides full-text XML conversion service, where all of the article text is converted to XML format. Such conversion allows readers to access content directly on any type of mobile device, without a need to download PDFs. Full-text conversion makes articles more discoverable on the Internet, since search engines crawl only texts available directly on websites and cannot search through attachments such as PDFs. As the result full-text XML version helps rise readership, increases citations and journal’s visibility.

PROMOTION OF SINGLE ARTICLES – service, where press-release describing an article that might be potentially interesting for science media portals and general audience is prepared. Manuscript is suggested by a journal, ready press-release is distributed to relevant science press-rooms and portals. Articles promoted by this service and covered by media, bring more referrals to the journal homepage and significantly raise citation count for the article (compared to non-publicized articles in the same issue).

JOURNAL COVER DESIGN – graphic project of new front cover for journal, customized to its thematic scope, enhancing its look and feel and promoting content in a visual way.

ARTICLE LAYOUT DESIGN – graphic project of new article layout, used to typeset new manuscripts. Layout is customized according to journal’s style and distinct needs, such as inclusion of conflict of interest statements in medical publications. Professional layout enhances readers’ experience, underlines significant information and makes text visually attractive. INFOGRAPHICS DESIGN – graphic visual representation of data and key article’s findings, intended to enhance the text, present information quickly and increase readership.

CONSULTING SERVICES (LAUNCHING OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL, INCREASING VISIBILITY, DEVELOPMENT) – Exeley offers professional consulting services regarding journal creation and development, tailored to its specific needs, thematic scope, targeted audience and authorship.